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Consumers prefer to spend their money where they earn some form of loyalty, but at the same time they want to support their local stores and merchants.

Zingit bridges this gap – consumers can now support their local merchants and earn cashback!

Merchants get access to their own state-of-the-art loyalty program at no additional expense!

Zingit offers the perfect solution

Whether you have your own retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, workshop or provide services on the go

Receive payments

Get listed

Customers earn cashback

In-app messages

Support your community

Marketing intelligence

Fees and cost

Enjoy an affordable solution with swift, costless setup, easy implementation and the simplicity of on-the-spot QR code payments.


The only cost is a negotioble transaction fee
no hidden fees or extra costs.

True to the Zingit philosophy, your transaction fee will enable Zingit to ...
  • checkpay cashback to your customers
  • checkmake a donation to worthwhile causes in your community
  • checkprovide you with a state-of-the-art digital loyalty program
  • checkmarket and promote your business in your community
  • ... all for the benefit of your increased revenue, at no extra cost!

Consider the following: As a merchant, the majority of your sales are paid by bank card. You are spending a signifcant amount every month on bank fees, simply to accept card payments. Our model is based on using that fee, that you would normally pay to the banks, to activate your own loyalty program. In this way, you increase your turnover and customer loyalty, whilst uplifting your community at the same time.

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